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Nationwide Legal Support

Miller, Ross & Goldman provides our clients with comprehensive legal support in all 50 U.S. States through our nationwide network of collection attorneys.  Although 90%-95% of all commercial claims placed with us are recovered without a lawsuit, some situations will require formal legal remedies to protect our Client's financial interests.  When a lawsuit is indicated, we will contact you to discuss our recommendations and obtain your written authorization to proceed on your company's behalf. In the event we exhaust our collection efforts without a successful resolution, we will evaluate the merits of legal action as follows:

Claim Legal Review Process

In most cases, the following criteria must be met to warrant litigation: 


The principal claim owed is at least $5,000.00 U.S. Dollars


Your indebted customer is solvent, or there is a Personal Guarantor


Valid, legible documentation exists in full support the indebted claim


Your indebted customer and/or its Guarantor, has not filed for bankruptcy protection

Provided these conditions are met, we will then advise you of the costs necessary to initiate the suit process. 

As our client, you will not be charged hourly attorney fees for the collection lawsuit. Our legal contingency rate of 40% will apply only to funds successfully recovered as a result of the suit process.

You will be invoiced for court costs, filing fees and service of process fees necessary to file the lawsuit, then serve the complaint on the indebted party. Our attorney will pursue recovery of these additional costs from your indebted customer (Defendant), in addition to the past-due balance owed, whenever possible. Provided these costs are successfully awarded by the court and collected from the defendant, they will be reimbursed to you.

Important Note: Some legal claims involve a broad scope of complexities and require a comprehensive amount of discovery in order to build and present a solid and compelling case. In such instances, a fee agreement based solely on contingency without an hourly retainer may not be possible. These circumstances include:


A countersuit filed by your indebted customer


Complex contractual disputes


Claims involving fraud or any other alleged criminal conduct


Claims requiring mediation and/or arbitration


Claims that must be tried in more than one jurisdiction


Claims that lack sufficient evidentiary support


Claims involving multiple witnesses and/or requiring depositions

In the event legal actions cannot be handled solely on a contingency basis, we will contact you to discuss an augmented plan best suited to the situation. If an hourly retainer is indicated, as our client you can be assured of a more than competitive rate to aggressively handle your claim toward a successful outcome.

Legal Authorization Statement

Once we advise that a claim we are handling for you does meet the necessary criteria for formal legal action, we will require your authorization to proceed, via the following statement by fax or email reply to our office:

ATTN: Miller, Ross & Goldman Legal Administrator

From: __________________________, _________________________
           Client Company                              City & State

RE: ______________________________, $_______________
       Customer Name  (Debtor)                    Claim Amount    

I, ________________________________ (Name & Title), being a duly authorized Company officer or agent, do hereby grant authority to Miller, Ross & Goldman, to assign one of their licensed _________________ (State) collection attorneys to the above-stated claim, for the purpose of filing a collection lawsuit on our behalf.

I understand that Miller, Ross & Goldman's legal contingency rate of 40% now applies for all monies collected on my company's behalf. I also agree to forward, upon request, the sum of  $_______________ for court costs and filings fees, plus a non-contingent retainer in the amount of  $_______________, for a total payment of $_________________.  I agree to promptly forward this amount to Miller, Ross & Goldman, and understand that the suit process will not commence until full payment has been received by Miller, Ross & Goldman, in good funds.

I further understand, that while Miller, Ross & Goldman may be optimistic about a positive outcome, they cannot and will not make any promises, representations nor guarantees regarding a successful financial recovery resulting from any legal action taken on our behalf.  I, therefore, do hereby hold harmless and fully indemnify Miller, Ross & Goldman of any  liability that may result from the suit action authorized herein.  

___________________________________  _______________
Signature                                                   Date


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