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Commercial Debt Collection Experts


Miller, Ross & Goldman will provide your company with the most innovative and results-oriented solutions to recovering and maintaining strong commercial A/R cash-flow. Our core team of commercial collection experts is comprised of the most highly-experienced and successful master negotiators in the industry, with nearly a century of combined commercial credit and collections experience among them.

We are 100% confident in our ability to apply our proven techniques and strategic experience to virtually any problematic A/R environment. Our process consistently yields unmatched financial success for our Clients. Click here to get started!

Our Commercial Debt Collection Process

Miller, Ross & Goldman’s collections process is designed to swiftly and systematically recover monies owed from our Client’s past-due business customers. The scope of our collection efforts includes a diverse range of activities:

  • Thorough understanding of our Client’s business and the goods/services sold
  • In-depth research and information gathering on every debtor company
  • Practical application of acquired knowledge to an effective recovery strategy
  • Diligent, action-motivating telephone contact techniques with responsible parties
  • Ongoing, strategically timed letters, emails, faxes and hand-served notices
  • Face-to-face meetings with our licensed, credit-trained field investigators
  • Supportive telephone and letter contact by our local attorney

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Every action taken is geared toward motivating your indebted customers to prioritize money owed to your company above all else. Once we have successfully created a very heightened state of awareness and a motivated sense of urgency, we’ll shortly be reporting back to you with a welcome update: “Balance recovered in full!”

As our Client, you will have 24/7 access to our online system. Simply log in to review our progress, generate reports and place additional accounts for collection at your convenience.

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Waiting Is A Proven-Costly Decision

Of course we know your company would much rather keep 100% of your hard-earned sales revenue. But, it is a long-standing, well-established factual truth that waiting can be a financially devastating decision, and the clock is statistically ticking against you this very minute.

We understand your reluctance to place your company’s past-due accounts for collection early in their aging cycle. But waiting does nothing to effectively manage your risk and costs your company even more money in the long run. This statistical fact is illustrated in the graph to your right.

Your company’s window-of-opportunity to recover 100% of your lost revenue from a financially distressed customer may be limited to a mere 30-45 days. After that, the odds of a full and timely recovery may rapidly decline with every passing day. There’s no need to further expose your company to even more unnecessary losses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with your commercial debt collection service?

Contact us online or by phone to discuss your company's needs and expectations, or assign us up to 5 past-due accounts using our online form . Miller, Ross & Goldman will then begin our proven commercial debt collection process.

How do you collect commercial debt?

Miller, Ross & Goldman's commercial debt collection process includes tasks, such as: in-depth research on debtor companies, creating effective recovery strategies, action-motivating telephone contact techniques, supportive contact by our local attorneys, and strategically timed letters, emails, and faxes.