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For over 25 years, Miller, Ross & Goldman has provided its commercial debt collection services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We've worked with businesses, large and small, to recover millions of dollars in lost revenue. Whether you're a small business in the Fort Worth suburbs or a Fortune 100 company in Downtown Dallas, we are fully confident in our ability to recover and maintain A/R cash-flow for your Dallas business. Click here to get started!

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Dallas Commercial Debt Collection & Reduction

Commercial Debt Collection

At Miller, Ross & Goldman, we understand that a "one-size-fits-all" approach to commercial debt collection isn't always effective. That's why we take great pride in our arsenal of proven collection strategies. Our DFW collection agency employs custom resources and strategies to meet our Client's industry and particular needs. Through tailored strategies, we are able to have a 95% collections success rate, while preserving your long-standing business relationships.

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Commercial Debt Reduction

Successfully negotiating commercial debt reduction requires a thorough understanding of business elements that are often overlooked by executives. At Miller, Ross & Goldman, our financial strategists are fully knowledgeable about these elements, such as contractual terms, rate/discount miscalculations, commitment level oversights, preferred rate protocols, and credit omissions. With this knowledge, we ensure your debt reduction negotiations in Dallas or Fort Worth are justified, not just possible.

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Construction Lien Services

Our construction project team is well-versed on the process needed to ensure our Clients receive full compensation for every type of commercial construction project. Just as important, our Dallas construction lien experts are also well-versed on what is appropriate and what can alienate our Client's customers. Additionally, our construction project lien services are offered at no charge for Pre-Collect assignments that total above $25K, provided our team is allowed adequate notice and lien deadlines.

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Nationwide Legal Support

Over 90% of commercial collection accounts assigned to Miller, Ross & Goldman are successfully recovered without the need for legal action. When legal action is necessary, our specialized legal team is ready to assist our Clients in Dallas and Fort Worth. Legal support services are handled on a contingency basis.

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Credit Risk Review

At Miller, Ross & Goldman, we dig deep to identify relevant financial information related to your past-due customers. Through thorough research and analysis, our Dallas credit risk review team is able to get a comprehensive understanding of your customer's financial state and identify a window of opportunity for you to collect on past-due debt.

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Our Performance Guarantee

Our 100% contingency-based fee structure means we only earn when we achieve collection success for our Clients. When your DFW company becomes a Client of Miller, Ross & Goldman, you gain immediate access to our extensive resources and proven industry experience. Our sole purpose is to get you paid.

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“MRG has been a great resource for our company. We've been very impressed with their professionalism, communication and results. I'd highly recommend their service.”

Dale Petzing

“We are happy and very satisfied with the service. We're lucky to have found them in the world wide web. Technology really works! Their services are highly recommended. Bad debt that seems uncollectible successfully collected 100 % by MRG. Excellent service!!!”

Norie Tapales

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your Debt Collection service work?

Our Clients in the DFW area can submit a maximum of five collection assignments through our simple online process. Upon submission, Clients will be prompted to submit documents related to their collection assignments, such as invoices, contracts, purchase orders, credit applications, and any additional documentation that may be considered necessary. Once your Dallas business has agreed to do business with us, our B2B collection professionals will use proven strategies tailored to your business and industry. Strategies to collect on your customer's past due debt include diligent phone calls, skip tracing techniques, well-timed email and letter campaigns, and face-to-face meetings. Should these efforts be unsuccessful, Miller, Ross & Goldman also offers legal support to collect your debt.

When should I place my accounts for collection?

You should assign your accounts to Miller, Ross & Goldman, if your customer is 60+ days late with their payment and avoiding your attempts to communicate. If your customer is 90-120 days late but expressing intent to pay their debt, you should place their accounts for collection immediately. While our DFW commercial collection agency has successfully recovered accounts that were a year past-due, waiting too long can reduce your chances of collecting the full debt.

How long does it take to collect commercial debt?

While several factors can extend resolution time, our commercial collection efforts can yield results for your DFW business in about 10-30 days. When you submit your collection assignments to Miller, Ross & Goldman in the early stages of delinquency, debt resolution can happen in just a few days!

Will your debt collection service alienate my customers?

Our debt collection experts in Dallas understand how important business partnerships and relationships are. That's why we conduct our collection efforts in a way that aims to maintain positive relationships with your customers. In fact, Miller, Ross & Goldman often receives compliments from our Client's customers, who later become our Clients after fulfilling their debt.

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