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Our Contingency Fee Rates

Don’t Wait To Get Paid!

Although we often recover past-due accounts that have aged well-beyond a year or more, tried-and-true collection statistics prove time-and-again that waiting can be a very costly mistake. Take advantage of our lowest fee rates, illustrated below, and your best opportunity to ensure our window-of-success for a 100% recovery by placing your accounts in their earlier stages of delinquency, whenever possible.

It's Your Company's Reputation

Take this to heart: If you’re “bargain basement” shopping for the lowest-rate collections vendor, a 3rd party who will quite literally be the "voice" of your company, dealing directly with your customers on intimate financial matters and entrusted to handle your company’s money, that's an extremely risky proposition. Call us and let’s chat about a MUCH safer bet for your company’s good reputation and financial success.

Don't Wait, Get Paid!

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Our Contingency Collection Rates

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Account Description


Past-due accounts $5k and up and oldest invoice is aged up to 6 months


Past-due accounts $5k and up and oldest invoice is aged 6-12 months


Past-due accounts $5k and up and oldest invoice is aged 1-2 years


ALL past-due accounts $1k - $5k AND over $5k when the oldest invoice is aged 2-3 years


ALL past-due accounts under $1k aged up to 3 years


ALL aged over 3 years; Out-of-business; Judgments; 2nds (Previously w/other vendor)


Customers outside the U.S., past-due up to 1 year

Add 5%

Customers outside the U.S., past-due over 1 year

Add 10%

Don’t Let Your Money Slip Away!