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Debt Collection for the Commercial Software Industry

Miller, Ross & Goldman is a recognized leader in the field of commercial debt collection for the SaaS industry. Businesses who sell software-as-a-service have relied on our two decades of experience to ensure they GET PAID for use of their software programs. Whether your software is sold through a monthly or an annual subscription, to enterprise companies or small businesses, we can help you recover what you are owed.

Proven Success in SaaS Debt Collection

Miller, Ross & Goldman is the Commercial Software Industry’s preferred collections partner due to our unparalleled success in the space. From global business platform software, CRM Management, HRIS, Inventory Control Systems, Service Management Solutions, Accounting Systems and industry-specific software management systems worldwide, our team has the expertise and experience to ensure our Commercial Software Industry Clients GET PAID every dime, every time. We have successfully recovered over $80 million in the space, and we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate unmatched performance for our new and existing Commercial Software Clients each and every day on applications of every size, anywhere in the world.

As our valued Commercial Software Industry Client, your company can count on:

  • Expert handling by the industry’s most proven successful commercial collections team
  • 95+ Collections Success Rate
  • Real-Time Status Updates
  • Coverage in all 50 U.S. states and 80+ countries worldwide

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Many of our Commercial Software Clients have also been with us for over two decades, based on an important dynamic to our handling they’ve learned will never change: Our team’s exceptional, trusted performance on each and every collection claim assigned. Our Commercial Software Industry Clients know that our team of collection experts will formulate a strategy for success even in the most challenging circumstances, including contract breaches where past-due and accelerated amounts are owed.

Miller, Ross & Goldman will always employ the team and resources needed to ensure our success for our valued Commercial Software Industry Clients. We have the unique expertise and experience to articulate negotiations on your behalf even when doing so requires in-depth knowledge of the relevant system software, its functionality, the applicable operating environment etc. And, rest assured, when negotiating on your company’s behalf with your past-due customers, our team is always sensitive to salvaging and preserving our Clients’ long-standing business reputation and relationships whenever possible.
As part of our proven collections process for our Commercial Software Industry Clients, Miller, Ross & Goldman will:

As part of our debt collection process for the SaaS Industry, we will:

  • Send proven-effective and results-centric correspondence to indebted customers throughout our process
  • Report all unpaid balances to the commercial credit bureaus every month
  • Engage a customized collection strategy based on existing factual circumstances in a manner consistent with our proven track-record of success
  • Keep our Clients updated on all developments, including 24/7 access to real-time reports and updates through our online portal

In an industry where a 20-30% collections success rate is common and even considered acceptable, Miller, Ross & Goldman's 95%+ consistent collections success rate puts us miles ahead of our competition. Our team will take the time to develop a thorough understanding of your Commercial Software company’s objectives and expectations, then work hard to exceed them every time. You can always count on our firm to be a true partner, always able to effectively articulate our negotiations on your behalf and forever committed to your company’s success. Miller, Ross & Goldman is privileged and honored to protect our Commercial Software Industry Client’s financial interests whenever called upon.

About Miller, Ross & Goldman

Miller, Ross & Goldman has over 25 years of experience in the commercial debt collection industry. We've helped recover millions of dollars in lost revenue for businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 100's to mom-n-pops, in nearly every industry. When you hire Miller, Ross & Goldman, you'll receive a partner with one of the highest collections success rates in the industry. You'll also receive a legal network and coverage in all 50 states and over 80 countries worldwide.

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Our Process

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If you're interested in working with us, give us a call! During our onboarding process, we'll learn more about your SaaS company's past-due A/R situation, needs, and recovery expectations. Armed with this information, we will be better equipped to develop a practical and cost-effective strategy for debt collection.

Assign Accounts

When you're ready to send your past-due accounts to collections, assign them to us. We offer a secure online form that allows you to quickly and easily assign us up to five past-due accounts.

Enjoy Unmatched Results

With a 95% collections success rate that is higher than the industry average, our Clients can sit back and enjoy unmatched results. When you have additional accounts that require collection, just assign them to us, and we'll continue to deliver the performance you have come to expect from Miller, Ross & Goldman.

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Performance Our Clients Love

"Our experience with Mr. Ross was exceptional! Collection of our funds was accomplished quicker than expected, and communication was seamless. Mr. Ross is the consummate professional. We have become his advocate, and will continue to reach out to him as needed. Highly recommended!"
- Corina M.

"I can not thank Mr. Ross and his team enough! They worked endlessly and put in so much effort for me it’s unbelievable. Mr. Ross did what I thought was impossible. He collected my money in full and faster than expected. I will only use this company from now on. Easy to work with and very professional. Highly recommend!"
- Eddie M.

"Very happy with the service. I haven't sent an invoice that they haven't been able to collect on. It seems miraculous, because some of these customers have given us the run around for years."
- Alison M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I assign my accounts to Miller, Ross & Goldman?

At Miller, Ross & Goldman, we have a consistent 90%+ collection success rate throughout every industry we work in. Our SaaS debt collection experts take the time to learn about your business and your software, so we can better negotiate when recovering debt.

Will hiring Miller, Ross & Goldman alienate my customers?

At Miller, Ross & Goldman, we understand the importance of maintaining the relationships you've built with subscribers of your commercial software. For that reason, our debt collection efforts are meant to preserve your relationships with SaaS customers.

When should I assign my accounts to collections?

You should assign your accounts to debt collection as soon as possible, as this increases the chances of collecting on debt. If a customer is more than two months overdue and unresponsive to communications, don't wait to assign their account to us.

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