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Commercial Debt Collection Industry Directory

Miller, Ross & Goldman serves our business-to-business Clients with the most successful collections performance available, bar none. Over the past 20+ years, we’ve gone head-to-head with some of the best collection attorneys and agencies in the business, in order to win favor, consideration and long-term loyalty from our more than 1800 highly valued Clients all over the world. Our unmatched commercial collection services are available to virtually every business-to-business industry in existence. We’d like to make special mention of the following industries, however, since they often require a high degree of specialized knowledge to effectively discuss and negotiate complex issues that would otherwise render a successful resolution virtually impossible.


Miller, Ross & Goldman is a highly respected and recognized leader in the field of unpaid A/R recovery for the Construction Industry. Our many Construction Industry Clients large and small, include construction suppliers, equipment rental companies, engineers, architects, general contractors and sub-contractors in all trades. Our firm’s Construction Industry collections team utilizes over a century of combined strategic expertise focused at ensuring our Clients get paid, even when unfortunate project circumstances result in heavy losses for others.

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Oil & Gas

For decades, our Oil & Gas Industry Clients have come to rely on Miller, Ross & Goldman to ensure their past-due invoices are successfully recovered in the fastest time-frame possible. Our firm’s vast expertise and industry-specific resources in the space make our team the most formidable partner, unwaveringly committed to protecting and improving A/R cash flow for our valued Oil & Gas industry Clients. Through our history of our consistent, unmatched success and accomplishments in the space, we’re proud to have earned long-term relationships with Oil & Gas industry Clients of every size and scope, from Fortune 500’s to mom-and-pops.

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Commercial Software & SaaS

Our Clients in the Commercial Software & SaaS industry rely on our team to recover unpaid contractual fees and mediate problematic issues with their customers. Our efforts on our Clients' behalves often require specialized knowledge to effectively negotiate a successful resolution with their customers. The creation and development of customized software, apps and web portals is a highly complex undertaking and challenges often arise which can stall development, impede performance, manifest functionality complications and many other hurdles. For over 20 years, we’ve been assisting our Commercial Software Clients in recovering unpaid invoices while bridging business relationships when possible. Our Clients can count on our team’s elevated scope of specialized industry knowledge and feel 100% confident that Miller, Ross & Goldman is a true and effective business partner, always committed to protecting their financial interests.

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Medical Services, Supply & Equipment

Miller, Ross & Goldman’s consistently exceptional collections performance for our Medical Industry Clients is also unmatched by our competition. Our team’s success for our Clients in every industry reflects our painstaking commitment to ensure we always have the highest-level resources, knowledge and experience necessary to leverage and negotiate a motivated, priority-driven response from every indebted party assigned to us for collection. The Specialized tools and resources we’ve acquired over the years to support our success on behalf of our Medical Industry Clients is a tremendous factor in our team’s proven formula for a swift and decisive win every time.

Chemical Services, Supply & Equipment

Like the medical industry, working in the chemical industry as a service, supply, or equipment provider can lead to full and stressful days. Why worry about debt collection? You have enough on your plate. Let the debt collection experts at Miller, Ross, and Goldman do extra work for you.

Food Products Manufacturing Services, Supply & Equipment

Miller, Ross & Goldman’s Food Products Industry clients include virtually the entire supply chain, from farms and growers, equipment and product manufacturers, industry automation specialists, packagers, shippers and consultants. Our Food Products Industry clients appreciate our consistently exceptional collections performance, which is often attributed to our in-depth knowledge of industry laws and regulatory protections, frequently instrumental to our efforts to strategically protect and serve our Client’s financial interests.

Waste Management Services, Supply & Equipment

Waste management services often deal with outstanding bills due to the busy nature of their customers. Miller, Ross, and Goldman will help tie up the loose ends between you and your customers. We help ensure you’re paid what you’re owed for your waste management services, supplies, or equipment.

Merchandise Warehousing & Fulfillment

Miller, Ross & Goldman’s many Merchandise Warehousing and Fulfillment Clients appreciate that our team is a true partner in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. As a direct result of the explosive growth of online retailers, wholesalers and distributors, Warehousing & Fulfillment services are always in high demand, with no slow-down in sight. Our Clients can count on our ability to navigate a diverse range of problematic issues that can often cause result in slow-pay and no-pay customers, quickly find solutions and motivate payment. From complex contracts to warehouseman’s liens, from billing disputes to damaged inventory claims: we’ve done it, we know it, we’re here for you.

Facility Management & Services

Miller, Ross & Goldman’s Facility Management Clients often rely on our firm to recover their cash flow from past-due A/R bridging their business relationships whenever possible. We’re experts at articulating and negotiating a broad range of issues for our Clients. And, the Facility Management industry, by virtue of the diverse range of services companies in the space provide, require us to be at the top of our game at every level. The complex systems in the built environments our Facility Management Clients work to sustainably maintain and keep us comfortable and safe are where we live and work and where our children play. We’re honored to have the opportunity to GET THEM PAID.

Advertising, Brand Promotion & Public Relations

Advertising, brand promotion and public relations can be a touchy service to provide customers. In the event that your marketing, brand promotion, or public relations strategy doesn’t work as well as you and the client imagined, some customers may believe they don’t need to pay for your service. Miller, Ross, and Goldman will get you paid for the time you put into their business as agreed within your contract.

Management Consulting

Like the advertising industry, sometimes, management consulting doesn’t work as expected. If your client didn’t follow through with your management consulting plan, it’s common to see them think that your ideas don't work. When this happens, Miller, Ross, and Goldman will make sure you’re paid for your services, regardless of their results.

Commercial Finance

Financing businesses deal with outstanding debt from their customers more often than any other industry. This has a lot to do with the nature of their business. Financing businesses lend out money to those who don’t currently have that money to spend. Miller, Ross, and Goldman has over 20 years of experience working with financial institutions across the globe. Through this experience, we’ve learned the best methods and approaches to getting our financing industry customers the money they deserve.

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