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Franchisors Debt Collection

Miller, Ross & Goldman’s Franchisor Clients count on our firm for fast recovery of past-due royalties and other fees from both active and inactive Franchisees. Perhaps more so than any other industry we serve, our team’s consistent, exceptional performance in the Franchise Industry truly demonstrates our expertise at successfully negotiating resolutions to royalty obligations while bridging and enhancing our Franchisor Clients’ relationships with their Franchisees.

Miller, Ross & Goldman’s team of experts employ proven strategies and custom resources to achieve fast B2B A/R collection success for our franchisor industry clients. To do so, we begin our franchisor onboarding process by taking the time to learn more about your franchisor business, including your specific needs and performance expectations and your efforts to collect thus far. The Franchise Industry has been severely impacted by the worldwide pandemic and our Franchisor Clients appreciate our team’s ability to augment our efforts consistent with ever-dynamic objectives to stabilizing their A/R cash-flow while helping their valued Franchisees return to full contractual financial compliance as quickly as possible. Armed with these additional insights, our team is then better equipped to customize our forward recovery strategy in a manner consistent with our core objectives, while exceeding our Client’s needs and expectations whenever possible.

As our valued franchisor Client, your company can count on:

  • Expert handling by the industry’s most proven successful team
  • 95+ Collections Success Rate
  • Real-Time Status Updates
  • Coverage in all 50 U.S. states and 80+ countries worldwide

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Many of our franchisor Industry Clients have been with us for over two decades, based solely on one factor that will never change: Exceptional, trusted performance on each and every collection claim assigned. Our franchisor Industry Clients know that our team of experts will formulate a strategy for success even in the most challenging and seemingly impossible circumstances. Miller, Ross & Goldman will always employ the team and resources needed to ensure our success for every single franchisor Client. From filing property liens, mineral liens and bond claims to leveraging relevant regulatory or statutory considerations, we have the knowledge and experience to earn your trust and loyalty every time. And, rest assured, when negotiating on your company’s behalf with project parties, owners, investors, operators, and attorneys, we are always sensitive to salvaging and preserving our Clients’ long-standing business reputation and relationships whenever possible.

As part of our collections process for the franchisors Industry, Miller, Ross & Goldman will:

  • Send proven-effective and results-centric correspondence to indebted customers throughout our process
  • Report all unpaid balances to the commercial credit bureaus every month
  • Engage a customized collection strategy based on existing factual circumstances in a manner consistent with our proven track-record of success
  • Keep our Clients updated on all developments, including 24/7 access to real-time reports and updates through our online portal

In an industry where a 20-30% collections success rate is common and even considered acceptable, Miller, Ross & Goldman's 95%+ consistent collections success rate puts us miles ahead of our competition. Our team will take the time to develop a thorough understanding of your franchisor company’s objectives and expectations, then work hard to exceed them every time. You can always count on our firm to be a true partner, always able to effectively articulate our negotiations on your behalf and forever committed to your company’s success. Miller, Ross & Goldman is privileged and honored to protect our Client’s financial interests whenever called upon.

About Miller, Ross & Goldman

Miller, Ross & Goldman is a commercial debt collection agency with 25 years in business. We've helped recover millions of dollars in lost revenue for businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 100's to mom-n-pops, in virtually every industry. When you hire Miller, Ross & Goldman, your business will acquire a partner with a 95% collections success rate, one of the highest rates in the commercial collections industry. You'll also receive a legal network and worldwide coverage in all 50 states and over 80 countries.

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Our Process

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During an initial call, we like to learn more about your company's past-due A/R situation, as well as your needs and performance expectations. With this information, we are better able to develop a practical and cost-effective strategy for debt collection.

Assign Accounts

When you're ready, assign your accounts to us for collection. Through our secure online form, you can quickly send us up to 5 past-due accounts.

Enjoy Unmatched Results

With a 95% collections success rate, our collections performance allows you to sit back and enjoy unmatched results. When you have another account that needs collection, simply assign it to us, and we'll continue with our successful commercial debt collection.

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Performance Our Clients Love

"Mike Ross and his incredible team at Miller, Ross & Goldman are able to successfully collect literally every type of past-due account we throw at them. Years past-due? Done! Months past-due? Done FASTER! Their entire process is seamless and extremely effective and we’ll never stray as long as we continue receiving such excellent results. Miller, Ross & Goldman receives our highest recommendation and our appreciation simply can’t be overstated."
- Debbie T.

"I am extremely pleased with this firm, especially Mike Ross, who has been absolutely thorough, respectful, efficient and honest in this process. He called me back after I reached out, took the time to listen and give me advice before I had even officially retained his services. Although I was not his most highest paying client, I always felt treated as such. He took charge, reassured me, kept me in the loop and got me my money in a very timely manner. Definitely would recommend this firm's services. Thanks again!"
- Geraldine K.

"Thrilled to have given Mike Ross and his team a try! I appreciate being able to submit collection data via their company website as needed. They are a pleasure to work with, informative every step of the way and GET RESULTS! Submit your problem payers to them today!"
- Tina B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I assign my accounts to Miller, Ross & Goldman?

Miller, Ross & Goldman has a consistent 95% collection success rate in an industry where a 25-35% success rate is common, even satisfactory. We take the time to learn about your industry, so we can fully articulate aspects of your business during negotiations to recover debt.

Will hiring a B2B collection agency alienate my customers?

At Miller, Ross & Goldman, we understand how important it is to maintain the relationships you've built with other businesses in the franchisor industry. That's why we conduct our debt collection efforts in a way that preserves your customer relationships.

When should I send my accounts to collections?

If your customer is 60+ days late and not responding to communications, don't wait to assign your accounts to us. The sooner you assign an account to collections, the higher the probability to collect on debt.

Don’t Let Your Money Slip Away!