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Miller, Ross & Goldman has proudly served our clients, from large corporations to Mom-n-Pops throughout the entire Houston Metro area and beyond, with exceptional and unrivaled commercial debt collection services for over 25 years. Our B2B collection services are unique for our Houston clients because of our vast successful experience supporting the very industries that have made Houston the thriving international economy it is today: oil & gas, renewable energy, medical and aerospace technology, healthcare and biomedical research, petrochemical manufacturing and more. Houston is home to nearly 30 Fortune 500 companies, several of which entrust Miller, Ross & Goldman to handle collections on their distressed A/R. Whether the good folks at your company refer to Houston as “The Bayou City”, “Space City”, “The Energy Capital”, “H-Town”, or “The Big Heart”, we stand ready to earn your business whenever called upon. Click here to get started!

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Houston Commercial Debt Collection & Reduction Services

Commercial Debt Collection

Miller, Ross & Goldman understands that effective commercial debt collection requires experience with a wide range of collection strategies, not a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Our Houston collection agency takes our Client's industry and their situation into account when employing resources and deciding on a strategy that will yield the most results. We're also sensitive to our Client's business objectives and aim to maintain their long-standing partnerships.

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Commercial Debt Reduction

To successfully negotiate commercial debt reduction, one must have a thorough understanding of business elements that are often disregarded by executives. Our experienced financial strategists are well-versed in elements that justify negotiation, such as contractual terms, preferred rate protocols, rate and discount miscalculations, commitment level oversights, and credit omissions. As such, we can help your Houston business reduce commercial debt through proven negotiation strategies.

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Construction Lien Services

Our construction project experts are knowledgeable on the process required to ensure our Clients receive full payment for every type of commercial construction project. Our Houston construction lien team is also aware of what actions should be avoided to ensure customers and relationships are maintained. For collections assignments over $25k, we offer project lien services at no cost, provided that our team is given enough time to comply with notice and lien deadlines.

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Nationwide Legal Support

More than 90% of our collection assignments are recovered without resorting to legal action. When legal action is required, Miller, Ross & Goldman has a specialized legal team ready to assist our Clients in Houston. Legal action is handled on a contingency "No Collection, No Fee" basis.

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Credit Risk Review

Our Houston credit risk review team goes beyond traditional creditor due-diligence to uncover important and relevant information related to your past-due customers. By digging deep, Miller, Ross & Goldman is able to get a full picture of your customer's financial situation and identify windows of opportunity for you to collect on past-due debt.

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Our Performance Guarantee

At Miller, Ross & Goldman, our sole purpose is to get you paid. That's why our extensive resources and proven collection strategies are at your disposal the moment your Houston business becomes a Client of ours. We're so confident that we can deliver results, we offer a 100% contingency-based fee structure.

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“Working with Mike and his team is such a great experience. He has assisted our prominent social media agency in recovering 10’s of thousands of dollars from delinquent clients. MRG is fast and very efficient to work with and you will not be disappointed in their exceptional performance!”

Elizabeth McLaughlin

“I can not say enough GREAT things about Mike Ross and this agency, they are simply AMAZING!! We had been trying for years to collect funds with a few different accounts and after turning over our accounts to Mike Ross in less than 1 week him and his team had collected the funds!!! WOW is all we had to say, we will for sure keep them as part of our TEAM moving forward. It can take a village to run a company and having Mike Ross and Team a part of ours is a BLESSING!!!”

Carol Herndon

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your Debt Collection service in Houston work?

Our Clients can submit up to five collection assignments through our simple online process. During this process, Clients will be prompted to submit documentation related to their assignments, such as invoices, contracts, purchase orders, credit applications, and any other information that may be deemed necessary. Once your business has agreed to work with us, our Houston B2B collection experts will use proven strategies, such as diligent phone calls, skip tracing techniques, email/letter campaigns, and face-to-face contact, to collect your past-due debt. If legal action is required, we will resort to that strategy.

How long should I wait before assigning my past-due accounts to you?

You should consider using our Houston commercial debt collection services if your customer's payment is more than 60 days late and they are avoiding communication with you. If your customer is 90-120 days late but communicating intent to pay, you should place their accounts for collections immediately. While we've successfully recovered accounts well over a year past-due, waiting too long can reduce the chance of collecting.

How long will it take for you to collect past-due debt?

Our commercial collection efforts typically deliver results in 10-30 days. However, several factors can prolong resolution time. For accounts assigned to our Houston collection agency in the early stages of delinquency, resolution can happen in just a few days!

Will using your B2B debt collection services hurt my business?

At Miller, Ross & Goldman we strive to protect your business objectives by conducting our collection efforts in a manner that preserves positive relationships with your customers. In fact, our agency often receives compliments from our Clients' customers, who later become clients after fulfilling their debt.

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As our valued Client, together we can embrace our social consciousness through helping others. All charitable contributions are offset from OUR contingency fees and made in our Client’s good name.
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